Epirus region Capital


Ioannina, the capital of Epirus, developed around the magnificent lake. The magnificent lake and the small islet, which guests can visit, constitute a natural monument in the city. The routes inside the city, the many sights and museums, offering the feel of a bygone era, full of secrets and legends.
The imposing Castle, the impressive Museum of Goldsmith, the presence of a cave in Perama the wax museum with exhibits in natural size, rediscover the forms of modern history in particular.

Destinations in Ioannina

Wax figures museum of Pavlos Vrellis

The wax figures of Pavlos Vrellis is located there to represent for you great moments from the great Greek history and to remind some of the forms that marked the place. In their faces is typed matches of the Greek historians, but also great glories that have experienced.

Ioannina Castle

The imposing Castle of Ioannina with the walled district and the number of historic buildings is one of the most beautiful parts of the city. The fortress was built in the 6th century a.d. at the behest of Emperor Justinian and is considered the oldest Byzantine castle of Greece. Within the fortification wall one can visit the imposing two-storey school of Cavalry of Ali Pasha or otherwise Soufari Seraϊ.

Lake Pamvotida

The Lake is known for its delicious fish, eels, crayfish and caviar that accompany the gourmets. Today the Lake of Ioannina is a tourist attraction throughout the year. Tourists have the opportunity to tour the shores and to visit the islet that is located in the center of and presents historical interest since there murdered the well-known Lord of the city during the Turkish occupation the Ali Pasha.

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