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ionian coast sivota excursions archaeological pirgos ragiou
The Pyrgos Ragiou is located just 10 km from the city of Igoumenitsa. Located atop a hill on the plain of Ragio. The Hill was fortified with strong walls in the 5th century BC, which occupied an area of three acres. The Pyrgos Ragiou is now preserved in very good condition.
ionian coast sivota excursions archaeological ancient fanoti
The Ancient Fanoti is located 16 km from Igoumenitsa and represents one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the region. It is a walled settlement, which was inhabited in the mid of 4th century BC.
ionian coast sivota excursions archaeological gitana ancient theatre
Gitana is 34 km from Sivota and 56 km from Parga. It was an ancient city of Epirus and ancient capital of Thesprotia. Founded circa 336-330 BC.
ionian coast sivota excursions archaeological sites mouseio hgoumenitsas 1
The Museum of Igoumenitsa is open from the end of 2009 and is a modern regional Museum building at the northern entrance of the city. Through the findings coupled with the rich accompanying informative material presented the most important stations of the history.
ionian coast sivota excursions archaeological sites moni giromeriou
The Giromeri in Thesprotia is located 23 kilometres from Igoumenitsa. This is a beautiful traditional mountain village. It is worth visiting the monastery of Giromeri, one of the most famous and liturgy of the continent. Dating back to around 1,300 and is dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos. The monastery of Giromeri features excellent painting that was approximately in 1.679.
ionian coast sivota excursions archaeological sites nekromanteio
The Necromanteio of Acheron was the first known Oracle which was dedicated to the God of the underworld. The ancient Greeks did not address for oracles to the gods, but in the souls of the dead, as they believed that the dead are the ones who could predict the future. The Oracle was excavated in the years 1958-1964 and 1976-1977. After studies conducted, they discovered that the underground Chamber of the Oracle arcs were created in order to created phenomena while there was absolute quiet.
ionian coast travel sivota excursions zagoroxwria
The wonderful Zagorochoria is a network of 46 villages scattered in the mountains, where one can find everything it asks for. Villages with life or calmly, with incredible views of villages or villages within the forest, crystal clear rivers like the voidomatis and Alpine Lakes. Zagorochoria are renowned for their natural beauty, distinctive architecture and history. Activities that can make the guests are many. Some of these are walking, hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, rafting and mountain bike.
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ionian coast travel sivota excursions lefkada
The island is located in the Ionian Sea and is particularly famous for its idyllic beaches with crystal blue waters such as Porto katsiki, egremni and kathisma. Visitors do not need to use the boat for their passage, as accessed by road via a floating bridge that runs since 1986.
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ionian coast sivota igoumenitsa parga excursions ioannina
Ioannina, the capital of Epirus, developed around the magnificent lake. The magnificent lake and the small islet, which guests can visit, constitute a natural monument in the city. The routes inside the city, the many sights and museums, offering the feel of a bygone era, full of secrets and legends. The imposing Castle, the impressive Museum of Goldsmith, the presence of a cave in Perama the wax museum with exhibits in natural size, rediscover the forms of modern history in particular. Destinations in Ioannina Wax figures museum of Pavlos Vrellis The wax figures of Pavlos Vrellis is located there to represent for you great moments from the great Greek history and to remind some of the forms that marked the place. In their faces is typed matches of the Greek historians, but also great glories that have experienced. Ioannina Castle The imposing Castle of Ioannina with the walled district and the number of historic buildings is one of the most beautiful parts of the city. The fortress was built in the 6th century a.d. at the behest of Emperor Justinian and is considered the oldest Byzantine castle of Greece. Within the fortification wall one can visit the imposing two-storey school of Cavalry of Ali Pasha or otherwise Soufari Seraϊ. Lake Pamvotida The Lake is known for its delicious fish, eels, crayfish and caviar that accompany the gourmets. Today the Lake of Ioannina is a tourist attraction throughout the year. Tourists have the opportunity to tour the shores and to visit the islet that is located in the center of and presents historical interest since there murdered the well-known Lord of the city during the Turkish occupation the Ali Pasha.
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ionian coast sivota igoumenitsa parga excursions parga 1
Parga is a seaside village, which belongs to the Prefecture of Preveza. It is a popular destination during the summer months, which attracts thousands of people of all nationalities to visit. Tourists are impressed by the magnificent beaches of Parga. One of the most famous beaches are Valtos and Lichnos. Opposite the city of Parga there is the Island of our Lady where is built a church and some medieval buildings.
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ionian coast sivota igoumenitsa parga excursions acheron
The Acheron river belongs to the region of Epirus and crosses the prefectures Ioannina, Preveza and Thesprotia. This is a famous River in the world, both for the beauty of nature as for its mythological information around him. A visit to the river Acheron offers unforgettable experiences for everyone as there is the opportunity to explore, crossing on foot by a path in the cool waters. Hermes, according to mythology, crossed the river and deliver the souls of the dead to Charon to reach the dark Kingdom of Hades. The Acheron River has evolved into a sport of nature area, such as: Riding on Sources Rafting, kayak και canoe – kayak Cycling along the river Canyoning Nature observation Mini cruise with boats at the mouth of the River, in the summer resort of Beach Swimming – if you can tolerate the icy waters of the river Diving All water sports on the beach Ammoudia Excursion to Acheron river starts at 10.00 and includes transportation with a brand new 9 seats van with A/C, rafting, kayaking, horse riding and archery. You will be back at Sivota at 17.00.
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ionian coast sivota igoumenitsa parga excursions meteora
Meteora is located outside the town of Kalambaka and consist of a cluster of mountain rocks. This is a special and unique geological phenomenon. Is one of the most important  monuments of orthodoxy, as in some peaks of rocks have been built the monasteries of Meteora and has seen the second Mount Athos.
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