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1) Drivers must be at least 23 years old with a maximum of 75 and must have a driving license valid for at least one year. Pets are not allowed. If Ionian Coast Travel notices the presence of a pet, the renter will be charged with 80,00 euro, the cost of the car’s biological cleaning.

2) The minimum rental period is 1 days (24 hours). Upon expiration of 25 hours the renter will be charged the cost of another day and must compensate Ionian Coast Travel for the cost of the next reservation that was canceled with his liability.

3) Upon receipt of the vehicle, the renter will be given the lease, which he has to check, read the terms and sign. He also has to check the vehicle and report any existent damages that are marked on the contract.

4) In order to complete the reservation, the total amount of the reservation is paid. Includes 24% VAT and all legal taxes.In the event of cancellation of a reservation within a period of less than 10 days from the scheduled date, the renter will be refunded the amount paid minus 30% of this amount. For cancellations over a longer period, the entire amount will be refunded.

5) Vehicles must be delivered with a full tank as they were at the beginning of the rental.

6) Delivery and receipt at the port of Igoumenitsa and at the airports of Ioannina and Preveza at an additional charge (cars only). The rental includes unlimited mileage. and 24h road assistance (11555) all over Greece (except mopeds). Extra drivers, subject to the same restrictions and baby seat at an additional cost, subject to an agreement. Free helmet to renters (in the case of a motorcycle).


8) Fines and administrative penalties made during the rental period shall be borne by the renter. In the event of license plates being removed during the rental period, the renter will be charged the rental until the receipt of the plates by the competent service.

9) IN CASE OF ACCIDENT OR OTHER EVENT (FIRE / THEFT) THE RENTER has to call the police ‘100’. Record names and addresses from witnesses and those who participated in the incident. Notify Ionian Coast Travel. In any case of a vehicle’s failure, Ionian Coast Travel will refund the renter with the cost of the remaining period that the vehicle can not be used and has no other obligation for further compensation.

10) All rental rates include simple third-party liability insurance, which includes the following coverage: Body failures of third parties. Material Damage to third parties. Driver’s Coverage. Vehicle Fire (cars only). Full and Partial Theft (cars only). Breakage of Crystals (cars only).

   The renter is responsible for any damage caused to the rented vehicle until its commercial value at the time of the accident. The renter must pay immediately or be charged at his card, as signed at the authorization form for the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle, that is directly calculated by Ionian Coast Travel or by authorized third parties.

   Ionian Coast Travel offers an additional insurance option with an additional daily cost which zeroes the renter’s liability for damage caused by his fault.

        CAUTION!!! NO INSURANCE COVER APPLIES FOR THE FOLLOWING CASES. Damage to tires,rims, mirrors,  keys and the bottom of the car. Damage caused because the driver was under the influence of alcohol, drugs or anything that might affect driving ability. Damages caused by not obeying the road traffic laws. Damages caused by people not listed in the rental agreement. Intentional and mechanical damage to the vehicle caused by the negligence of the renter. Damages caused by animals. Damage caused by driving to off-road areas and areas where driving is inappropriate. Loss of personal items inside the car. Bike theft.

11) Ionian Coast Travel IF THERE IS NOT RIGHT USE OF THE CAR or not comply with the terms of the contract has the right to rescind the contract and to remove the vehicle from the hands of the renter or anyone who owns it on his behalf, without any warning.

12) Ionian Coast Travel has the right to change the terms and the rates without previous notice.

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